Hello World!

Abul Bashar Md. Sharif

I am working at Grameenphone Ltd. as a Product Manager in Mobile Broadband Team under Commercial Division and loving the creativity and responsibilities of my job. I am learning lots from the Corporate Environment. My personal notes come here along with latest updates of the tech world. However, my site is here, linkedin profile, and facebook. Subscribe to my twitter feed and view my photography here.

I am in the constant process of building and refining my values. Life is a gift to be lived to its fullest. I believe we were created to experience God and have a blast while doing so. I believe that spirituality is more than ritual acts of worship. Spirituality is about having a sense of fun and adventure. To me, being spiritual means praying, working hard, being innovative, laughing, crying, connecting with and caring for others, and saying it like it is. I believe that the inner reality of being spiritual is to say and express true thoughts and feelings whether it is comfortable to do so or not. I find this inner aspect of spirituality much more challenging than ritual acts of worship. I take that on as an adventure in knowing God.

I love Bangla classical music. I love to go out and hang out to have great conversations with friends and love to take pictures with my Nikon D60.

Mary, my partner in life and partner in crime, is my most blessed gift. I never thought someone like her could exist. She touches and troubles the deepest parts of my soul. She dreams with me the crazy dreams that I do have. She challenges her own values and inspires me to continue to do the same. I have and am learning so much with and from her that my life’s beginning to look like a long adventure book with many chapters. I wonder what the next chapter will bring.


~ by abmsharif on February 2, 2010.

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