Sazzad Sadiya’s Wedding

This is the 1st time I am writing a blog. Previously I requested my friends to write in my blog and my writing is not so good. Through this blog I will share the moments of Sazzad’s wedding who is one of my closest friends. He got married on Friday 5 February 2010 with Sadiya.

On 4 February the Holud Program was held at Sadiya’s place at Dhanmondi. Me and my wife Mary planned to go to each and every program as Sazzad expected us mostly. We all started from Uttara with Sazzad and his Family and Relatives at 6pm for event. We reached on time for the event.  As I own a DSLR  and photography is my hobby and passion  I was really interested to cover a weeding ceremony. I began to shot from the moment I reached there. They also hired a professional photographer for all the events. During the whole event I followed the photographer who was an associate photographer of When we started to shoot together I started taking short tips from him  as I didn’t have so much experience in shooting in this kind of environment. I noticed that he was using a 135mm lense on a Nikon D60 body. He was also curious about my lens too.

Me, Scion, Rumpa, Tarek, Nova we all enjoyed the Holud Shondha. But we expected more friends to attend. Unfortunately others did not come.

During the event the most enjoyable part was the dance and music part from Sazzad and Sadiya. I was busy capturing  special moments and I was really enjoying the moment when I saw Sazzad and Sadiya’s parents also joined them. The stage was really nicely decorated and the whole event was organized very neatly. The food was also nice, specially the instant Zilapi bhaja, Bhaba Pitha and Chotpoti, Fuchka for all. To view  more pictures from this event please visit

The next day on Friday 5 February, 2010 was the Akhd event. This was also at Sadiya’s place. As usual I went with Sazzad and his family. It was just a small program for the official marriage part. From our friends only Scion and Rumpa were present with me. I was busy shooting the special moments as usual. Scion made some fun with Sazzad before the Kaji entered the room for the Kobul saying. To view  more pictures from this event please visit .

Oh, Almost forgot to share the other moment we friends enjoyed on the Akhd evening. Me and Scion planned to give a treat to the newly married couple at night at a suitable restaurant in Dhanmondi.

Then we decided to go to Nandos for the dinner.  Had a nice time till 1pm. Scion, Me, Rumpa, Mary and Auleen were present at the dinner. After the Dinner Mary and Rumpa went to Uttara at our place and Me, Scion, Oleen and Sazzad has a nice time at gulshan giving and sharing concern about conjugal life 🙂

We were actually waiting for the main event which was held on Saturday 6 February 2010 at Bangabandhu International Conference Center at Agargaon. At morning me and Sami went to help out setup the Bashor Ghor of Sazzad and Sadiya and assist him on other matters.

We all started at 6:30 pm from Uttara as Bor Jatri. We reached there at about 8om. We were waiting to enter with Sazzad as usaual. Sazzad was stopped at the gate and the small guys were asking for 500 dollar perhaps. Atlast Sazzad got released at the cost of only 10k BDT.

I was amazed to see the stage and the nice lighting which really helped me shoot the most magnificent shots I ever taken in my life. I really enjoyed the whole night shooting the moments.  I knew the whole world was waiting for the pics to be uploaded and shared through facebook. I also also live broadcasted the some of the moments through

We reached Uttara at about 1pm with the new couple. Me, Mary, Piukh and His Husband Sujan, Scion, Rumpa, Sami, Sunny were present when they entered their bashor ghor. Then we started to make some fun with Sazzad and Sadiya…Piukh and Scion started it and they got them to share the whole history of their affair. This was also recorded on my E71, anyone can listen to their story if they want at .  We then left at 2am in the morning leaving them alone. To view  more pictures from this event please visit


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16 Responses to “Sazzad Sadiya’s Wedding”

  1. Nayan.. nice pictures..

  2. you are really a creative man. jotil hoyche nayan

  3. Man, GOOD job done.

  4. Nayan, leave da job.. & bcm a phtographer.. :D. very very nice pics…really enjoyed going thru..

  5. Well organised & nice photos.

  6. Onek onek nice………ami onek hingsha pailam……..tora ato moja korli kan?:-( ami miss korlam….really bishal miss hoya gese 😦

  7. তুমাকে বুক দিয়ে রাখলাম ভাইয়ের বিয়ের জন্য। অসাধারন হইছে ছবিগুলা।

  8. Electrifying…!

    keep it up………..

  9. Joss kichu pic…really u r trying hard…!!!

    Bye the way…sunny toke invite korlo Ronyr BA te i guess…to Rony’r BA ta kobe…?

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