My Tech World

This is a technology  blog. The content of this blog consists of  opinion’s of others and partially personal opinions and does not officially represent individual’s current or previous employer’s view in anyway nor does it reflect any political views.  In addition, the thoughts and opinions of participants often change, and as a weblog, this is intended to provide a semi-permanent point in time snapshot. You should not consider out of date posts to reflect participants current thoughts and opinions.

Actually I love following technology updates through Twitter and share those through facebook and twitter and try to get my friends feedback, comments or suggestions. This technique is really helping me out to know more and learn from others so easily. I have noticed some of my freinds and collegues are following me and just became my fans.

The owner of the blog doesn’t take any responsibility for the authenticity or validity or the information provided here but will do the best to keep the posts at their highest quality. Please feel free to contact the authors regarding any issues of the posts or any copyright queries.

Thanks for visiting my Tech Blog.

Abul Bashar Md. Sharif

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